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Ultimate all round performance!

A development from the world record beating QuikR, the GTR has a larger strutted wing with an area of 13sqm to give the ultimate in all round performance, from good precise slow speed handling to fast high speed cruise. The GTR wing is the first wing to introduce STARS which is a unique stability and roll system that automatically adjusts the washout rods and leading edge tension in flight for optimum roll and trim authority. The wing lower surface is also vented to ensure that the wing profile is kept at its optimum throughout the speed range of 55-90mph.


QuikGTR - Ultimate all round performance!


Comfortable seating available as S-LSA or E-LSA.







QUIK Chassis

GTR Wing

Quik GTR and Quik GT450

To Dauphin Island, Alabama


This was a very fun trip as I joined Gary from Beach Flight Aviation for a flight from Jack Edwards Airport to Dauphin Island and back, in the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama.


The weather was spectacular and we were able to do some video with different cameras and camera angles.


The GT450 (Yellow Trike) and GTR (Orange Trike) wings are identical in size, however, the strutted GTR wing is a bit faster as it produces less drag. Using the Electric Trim incorporated in the QUIK chassis, we were able to trim the GTR down in speed slightly so to match that of the GT450, and fly together during the entire flight.


I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed producing it.


If you want to learn more about Beach Flight Aviation Weight-Shift Flight Instructions and discovery flights in the beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast please please visit www.beachflight.com