The Great All-rounder
Lower price is no compromise!

The great all-rounder, with traditional kingpost design. A 13sqm wing but with Quik performance, a trim range of 55-80mph making it perfect for all occasions. Used by instructors, club pilots and competition pilots alike, it has taken it all without compromise.  Holder of various world records from speed in a triangle to world record heights to winning world championships. The first Quik with a 450kg maximum take-off weight. This aircraft was originally designed with Wingtip Fins however recent experience has shown us that the addition of wing under-surface venting has been so effective in stabilizing our wings, giving faster and lighter roll control as well as easier ground handling, that wingtip fins are no longer necessary.


QUIK GT450 - The Great All-rounder!


Comfortable seating available as S-LSA or E-LSA.






QUIK Chassis

GT450 Wing

Quik GTR and Quik GT450

To Dauphin Island, Alabama


This was a very fun trip as I joined Gary from Beach Flight Aviation for a flight from Jack Edwards Airport to Dauphin Island and back, in the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama.


The weather was spectacular and we were able to do some video with different cameras and camera angles.


The GT450 (Yellow Trike) and GTR (Orange Trike) wings are identical in size, however, the strutted GTR wing is a bit faster as it produces less drag. Using the Electric Trim incorporated in the QUIK chassis, we were able to trim the GTR down in speed slightly so to match that of the GT450, and fly together during the entire flight.


I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed producing it.


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