Simply the best!
Ultimate touring flexwing

Whether you're going on a long cross country flight or just over the horizon to a fly-in, this aircraft will draw a crowd upon landing!  The unique aerodynamic monocoque composite carbon fiber body shell provides increased strength and rigidity, all at minimum weight.  The wrap-over windscreen produces optimum pilot and passenger comfort while  retaining full visibility.  The cantilever sprung composite main undercarriage soaks up the roughest fields, making rough-field landings an most enjoyable experience.  The large 20 gallon fuel tank gives you all day flying without the worry of fuel stops.  Add an optional BRS parachute for a maximum 1042 lb. take-off weight.   In summary the PulsR is at the cutting edge of microlight design and one where others simply follow.


PulsR is the ultimate touring trike.


There are simply no compromises. The most advanced wing paired with a monocoque carbon chassis it is the ultimate cross-country aircraft of its kind.


Comfortable seating available as S-LSA or E-LSA.








P&M PulsR 912S


Flight specifications:


Cruise trim: 55-95 mph

VNE: 120 mph

Stall: 39 mph

Fuel Capacity: 20 gal

Fuel Burn: 3.43 gph

Load Capacity: 485 lbs

Engine: Rotax 912S (100 hp)


Come aboard for a short flight and take a peek inside the cockpit of this amazing Light-Sport trike.


The PulsR is very comfortable and stable in flight. The large canopy does provide very good protection from the wind, yet it is not obtrusive.


This Weight-Shift Control LSA aircraft is on a very unique class by itself for sure. It is the best touring trike available and somewhat a cross over from Light-Sport fix wing offering a bit more of a canopy enclosure and comfort not found in any other Weight-Shift LSA, but with the added fun factor and easy transport and storage of a trike.


Adjustable seats front and back work extremely well and can accommodate pilots and passengers of different sizes. The large instrument panel accommodates all flight instruments required as well as additional gadgets.


PulsR tour


Gary provides us with an up-close video tour of some of the P&M PulsR very unique features. See for yourself why this amazing aircraft has been given the LSA Innovation Award at the 2016 Sun-N-Fun aviation show.



PulsR flying in Mexico with some fantastic scenery and cloudscapes

Posted by P&M Aviation on Thursday, February 18, 2016